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To provide a copy of the requested document, choose what type of document you intend to upload by following the prompt and providing the information below.  Attach a copy of the document by either taking a picture with your cell phone or attaching a document from your computer.  Once it has been uploaded, press submit to send your submission
Driver's License - Front & Back required
Medical Examiner Certificate - Make sure the entire document is included in the image. All four corners of the document must be visible.  
Miscellaneous Document(s) - Can be uploaded as well for example, Road test, Work history, Annual inspection(s), Roadside inspection reports, etc.

                                                        ***For CDL Drivers Only***
The FMCSA requires a driver's current medical certificate to be attached to their driving record.  This requires submission of the certificate to the state issuing driver's licensing department.  Do you need TSCC to preform this task?

Was a Maintenance Violation issued? *
Was the maintenance violation corrected? *

This crash involved the following (select all that apply) *
Did you or your driver receive a citation *
Due to the characteristics of the accident, your driver is required to perform post-accident testing.  A DOT Alcohol & Controlled Substance test is required to be completed within two hours of the accident occuring.  If there was a fatality, Motor Carriers are required to conduct their own separate testing, even if law enforcement has taken your driver for testing.  The reason is because results may not be release due to an ongoing investigation. Failure to conduct post accident testing within the required time may result in violations and monetary fines.
Do you have the post accident drug & alcohol testing results? *