Reminder: All undergraduate students enrolled in an undergraduate program at the time of the application period and are U.S. citizens are eligible to apply and participate.
Short answers to the questions are fine. We are not looking for formal essays, and we urge you to keep your answers short and focused – just give enough detail to answer the question.
Questions with a red asterisk (*) are required before your application can be submitted.
Appendices I-V are optional, and the information will not be used in the selection process. The information from these questions will be used only to place interns in locations where they can have good experiences.
Application Deadline: February 10, 2024
7. What is your ethnicity or race? (Click all that apply) Note: Applicants are not required to provide demographic information. Any data on race will not affect selection.
8. Class Standing (at time of application) *
12. Are you a US Citizen? *
13. Are you a first-generation college student? A first-generation college student is someone whose parents did not complete a 4-year college or university degree. *
14. Do you have or have you received a Federal Pell Grant? *
15. Which of the following topics are of most interest to you? Please select and rank all that apply, with “1” being the most interesting topic. *
16. Previous intern experience is not a requirement, but the selection committee would like to know what you have done in previous summers. Please list bullet points of any previous summer activities, jobs, volunteer opportunities, etc and also briefly describe what the experience entailed. (Click the "+" sign to get another field). *
0/100 words
0/100 words
0/300 words
0/300 words
24. May we share your application with other NOAA programs that might be interested in your candidacy? *

26. Please identify and list two individuals who can write reference (LOR) on your behalf. (Note: Your references will receive a notification to upload the LOR). Please Note: Your letters of reference should be from people who know you well. One should be from a college faculty member if possible. The other can be from a faculty member or from someone you have worked or volunteered with (not a relative): coaches, employers, etc. and can include professors, coaches, people you have worked or volunteered with, etc. *
27. How did you hear about the program? Please check all that apply and where applicable, please specify below. *
Appendix I(a). If selected for the IN FISH program, would you prefer to be placed in the Eastern (Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico) or Western (Pacific) Region of the United States?
Appendix I(b). Would you feel comfortable being matched with a project in a location without any other INFISH interns? Note that you will be supported by mentors!
Appendix III. Do you have a car or other means of transportation?
Appendix IV. What is your gender identity? (Requested for housing purposes)
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