L'Amour Le Allure Brand Ambassador Application

Thank you for your interest in being a brand ambassador for L'Amour Le Allure! As a brand ambassador, your role would be to promoteL'Amour Le Allure both on social media and in person at live EDM or Cosplay events, and represent L'Amour Le Allure in bright, postive and fun way.

Please review the following requirements and goals, expected tasks, compensation details, and code of conduct before submitting your application.
Eligibility Requirements
-United states residents and International are welcome
-Must be 18 years of age or older. (Submission of valid photo ID required)

-Must have an established following (4000+ strongly preferred but not mandatory) on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.
L'Amour Le Allure creates unique festival/cosplay attire and accessories, so naturally our target audience and customer base is individuals who attend events where dressing up is half the fun! We may request to see your insights to determine if your target audience and ours are in synch.
-Must be active in the EDM festival or Cosplay scene and attend several of these events each year.
Tasks and Goals
-Must share L'Amour Le Allure content, or your own content wearing our product, at least three times per month on each agreed upon social media platform. (all social media, with the exception of Facebook, must be public for promotional reasons)
-Must tag and/or link back to L'Amour Le Allure social media and website on each post where our product is featured.
-Must pass out our business cards to interested individuals while at EDM events and festivals. This is incredibly important, especially if you are wearing our product! Be sure to write your designated coupon code [in questions bellow] on the cards prior to giving them to person(s) at events.
Compensation and Incentive
There are many benefits for you as a brand ambassador for L'Amour Le Allure! Individuals who have commited to represent our brand will recieve:

-Two custom festival outfits once a year [will include 2+ pieces each] to wear while you promote our brand on social media, and/or at your upcoming festivals or events.
These items are not to be sold, traded, or given away without written consent from L'Amour Le Allure.
-A personalized coupon code for you to share with others, for 15% off their purchase from our shop.
Each time your code is used, you will earn that 15% in store credit. For example, if someone uses your code and purchases $120 worth of product from our shop, you will earn $18 store credit. The more you promote, the more product we sell, the more you earn toward future purchases! Pretty neat, huh?
Store credit must be used within one year of acceptance as our brand ambassador.
Store credit can be used on custom orders as well.
Store credit has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for monetary compensation.
-L'Amour Le Allure will always tag you in any photos we share of you wearing our product, thereby directing more traffic your way so that you can also grow your following!
-Sneak peeks of upcoming designs, sales, promotions and possibly Instagram takeover during events!

A Brand Ambassador for L'Amour Le Allure recieves no monetary compensation.
Still interested?? Please fill out the questionnaire below.
Social Media Accounts[Select all that apply]: *

Terms and Conditions
 L'Amour Le Allure WILL NOT tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, body shaming, or any of the like! L'Amour Le Allure reserves the right to immediately discontinue your position as a brand ambassador for our company if your behavior and/or words are not representative of equality, peace, love, unity, and respect.
L'Amour Le Allure reserves the right to discontinue your position as brand ambassador if you fail to comply with requirements laid out in this application, or for any other reason at any time.
If you fail to complete the requirements laid out for your position (E.g. going to an event and wearing our product(s) but not sharing any photos, not tagging us, not promoting our brand) you WILL be billed for the full retail value of the items you recieved from L'Amour Le Allure and your position as a brand ambassador for our company will be discontinued. This could create legal issues so please be advised.
By signing below and submitting this form, you agree to all terms above.
Completion and submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance.
I agree, accept, and give my consent for photos of me wearing products created by L'Amour Le Allure to be shared for marketing purposes on public social media accounts to a large audience of people of all ages from all over the world, and that once said photos are shared they will remain on L'Amour Le Allure social media pages indefinitely, to be removed only at the discretion of L'Amour Le Allure. I understand that said photos may, and likely will be, shared by others across other social media platforms. *
I agree to comply with all terms and conditions as stated above and accept that my position as a brand ambassador for L'Amour Le Allure is voluntary, unpaid, and can be discontinued for any reason at any time, and understand that should I fail to comply with these terms and conditions, I will be billed and am responsible for paying the full retail value of the items given to me for my service as a brand ambassador. *
L'Amour Le Allure will contact you as soon as possible please give us atleast 1 week to review your application. We will contact you through the email you provided above so make sure to check your spam if we do not receive an email back with in 1-2 days we will contact you through one of your social media accounts. THANK YOU!
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