Adoption Contract

Poochie Momma and the Purrrr Factory


(by clicking “I Agree” at the bottom you agree to all of the following)

  1. The adopted animal has been altered (spayed/neutered) and I hereby confirm receipt of the certificates of the procedure and the operating veterinarian.

  2. Altering the animal and DHLPP and Bordatella shots are covered in your adoption fee/donation.

  3. Rabies vaccinations are the sole responsibility of the new parent/owner. However, if adopting an adult/puppy or kitten that has been deemed of age for rabies, I confirm receipt of the rabies vaccine and dates. Rabies is due one year from the date listed on your documents and in the responsibility of the new owner/parent. (For puppies, Rabies shots usually cannot be given until 4-5 months of age and should be administered by your shelter or vet at the time of licensing your animal.)

  4. I agree to immediately obtain and keep an identification tag attached to a properly fitted collar that will remain on the Adopted Animal at all times, whether inside or outside of the house, and to obtain all city licenses required by authorities.
  5. Microchipping is included in the adoption fee; however, the Adopted Animal is registered to a shelter or rescue group. I agree to provide the rescue group with 2 phone numbers, and one email address that will never change-during the life of the animal. Poochie Momma information will remain listed as an alternate contact on adopted pet for the life of this animal as an added safety precaution.

  1. I agree to provide the Adopted Animal with regular veterinary care and will provide the contact of our vet to Poochie Momma here(list your vet name and telephone number).

  2. I agree to have the Adopted Animal under my control when he/she is not within the confines of my property.
  3. I agree to provide and maintain a secure and safe inside environment and a fence around my yard, including shelter from the elements and follow all guidelines regarding predators. The adopted animal will never be chained or tied.

  4. If the Adopted Animal is a cat, I agree to keep the cat as an indoor cat only-no exceptions!

  5. If the adopted pet is a puppy, I agree to not take the animal to any dog parks or high dog traffic areas until all 3 rounds of DHLPP have been administered by Poochie Momma or my vet.

  6. If for any reason I cannot keep the Adopted Animal, I agree to notify the contact number of a representative of Poochie Momma at 310-922-4936 to alert them of the availability of the animal, and to allow Poochie Momma ADEQUATE TIME (1-3 months usually) to facilitate finding the animal an approved new home. This in no way legally requires Poochie Momma to take the animal back, but if all else has failed, the animal must be released back to Poochie Momma to Foster and Rehome the Animal.

  7. There will be $1000 fine if Poochie Momma is not contacted in the event you need to rehome your adopted animal for any circumstances and choose to simple “euthanize” the animal or “give it to a friend” or dump the pet at a shelter.

  8. I agree not to abuse or neglect the Adopted Animal, and I authorize an approved affiliate or volunteer of Poochie Momma, at his/her sole discretion, to determine whether or not the pet has been abused or neglected.

  9. I will not surgically alter the animal in any way including ear cropping, tail docking, or claw removal.

  10. I agree to send records of shots and spay and neuter certificates by the date listed above for any care the puppy received from my private vet (shots, surgeries) during the finalization of the adoption process.

  11. Shot records have been given to me. If there are any remaining booster shots for a puppy or kitten, I acknowledge the dates here. I agree to be proactive with contacting Poochie Momma by those dates and agree that shots will be given on time and I will take the new adoptive pet to my vet or shot clinic to receive the final round (s) of shots on time.

  12. I also agree to make Poochie Momma aware in writing (email or text) of any accidents, or illnesses occur within 2 weeks of adoption.

  13. I understand that any failure to abide by the foregoing agreement will constitute a breach of contract. In the event of such a breach, I authorize an affiliate of Poochie Momma to reclaim both possession and ownership of the Adopted Animal.

  14. I also understand that Poochie Momma & the Purrrr Factory, nor any of it’s owners, agents, or volunteers are liable to me or any other party for any losses, injuries, damages, costs, expenses, lawsuits or judgments whatsoever in connection with my adoption of this animal.

  15. I understand that the pet covered by this adoption contract is, as far as can be determined by Poochie Momma, in good health, and that Poochie Momma is not responsible for any medical fees incurred after the adoption date. However, if a health problem develops during the first 14 days, I should notify a designated affiliate if Poochie Momma, as stated above.

  16. I agree to give a designated volunteer or affiliate of Poochie Momma occasional visitation rights to ensure that the terms of this adoption agreement are being followed.
I agree to the above terms of adoption. *