Key points on the MCAAP philosophy for supporting, opposing, or remaining silent on legislation or regulations.
     1. Ultimately, the Chapter’s stand should reflect the mission of the Chapter. 
          The Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics is committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental and social health for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. To this end, the members of the Academy dedicate their efforts and resources.
      2. In order for the Chapter to support legislation, it should meet the following tests:
           a. It advances the needs of children
           b. It supports and does not undermine the practice of our membership
           c. It is a matter that should be addressed by legislation
           d. The legislation itself is sensibly constructed
           e. Unintended consequences are small or adequately mitigated
           f. The cost and complexity of the initiative should match the problem it is trying to resolve
      3. The Chapter should not dilute its core message by actively supporting/opposing too many bills.
          The standard procedure for deciding whether or not to support, oppose or remain neutral (abstain) on legislative items includes:
           a. A presentation at a Legislative Committee meeting and/or completion of a the MCAAP request for endorsement form.
           b. Input from other MCAAP committees with expertise in certain areas of child health is sought, as appropriate
           c. The Legislative Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Board with the following caveats:
                 * Legislation that is a continuation of previously supported bills can be acted upon by the Legislative Committee by constructing a letter of support or by signing onto a letter.
                 *Any new item must be brought to the Executive Board before any action is taken.
                 *When bills need to be acted upon quickly, listserv announcements will be sent to both the Executive Board and the Legislative Committee for comment and the ultimate decision will be made by the president.
The Executive Board is responsible for and will ultimately decide the Chapter’s stand on all bills.
If the MCAAP decides to add this request to their legislative agenda for discussion, they will contact you directly with any questions.
Thank you.

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